Néstor Museum visit

Two Intermediate 2 groups and one Basic 2 group from EOI Las Palmas de Gran Canaria gathered last Thursday to visit Néstor Museum. They had previously prepared the visit in class and the result was amazing.

The teachers, Rosario Rosales and Eugenia González, chose Poema de la TierraPoema del AtlánticoEpitalamioLa Hermana de las Rosas and Adagio and planned a gallery walk. The idea was to have the students prepare short oral presentations about the selected paintings in class. Accordingly, the students worked in small groups to learn about Néstor and prepare a description of the painting they were assigned. Once inside the museum they became guides. They stood next to their assigned paintings and explained them to other students who played the role of tourists in the museum.

For the teachers it was a highly rewarding experience. They felt overly proud of their students’ commitment. The students appreciated the chance to practice their English. Here are some of their comments: “I feel that I want to know more about Néstor and his work. I want more activities like that.” “We had the opportunity to talk to people that are in the same or different levels.” “The director of the museum was so nice and his explanation so interesting!”


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