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DECCA at the Language School of Telde celebrated International Museum Day on 17th May at the CAAM visiting the exhibition called Lucy’s Iris, in which 25 African women artists display their works. A fascinating experience.

Discussion, VTS and emotions under the watchful eye of Dinkenesh!

“Midwinter sacrifice” at Mullsjö Folk High School

One of the most famous paintings in Sweden is Carl Larsson´s Midwinter sacrifice, a huge painting you can find at the National museum in Stockholm. We worked with an activity that focused on the painting and its motive. After an introductory VTS and different tasks the students were told to make some research about a given subject connected with the painting and present it on a poster. When the wonderful result was up on the wall, we all enjoyed a vernissage while eating snacks and drinking cider as you usually do at such an event.



A day at the museum

On the 12th of April, students from Mullsjö folkhögskola visited the County museum at Jönköping. The museum has several exhibitions and we chose to work with two of them. The first one was “The picture of the year” which is a contest for journalists in Sweden and there were a lot of pictures that evoked a lot of emotions. The second exhibition was also the result of a contest for youths between 15-25. Six students from our school have been successful enough to be chosen to take part in the exhibition.

Our activity started with a presentation made by a guide from the museum that presented the two exhibitions which made a great introduction to the activities the student carried out in the museum.

 Have a look at the pictures here. 


 20160311_173956Students from The School of Languages of Telde visited the Antonio Padrón Museum on Friday 11th March.
During their visit, they were asked to carry out some activities related to Antonio Padrón’s work, the different rooms in the museum, the students’ own feelings in front of the artist’s work and the garden and its plants, among others.
We took pictures, practised VTS, interpreted the meaning of Padrón’s work and were delighted to discover the magic of this place!