Volleyball Rules posters

4th ESO students created posters to explain different volleyball rules. each group chose a section and with the information they created a poster and afterwards they presented it to the group.

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Our other blog

3rd ESO students have been working hard…they have published lots of recipes in our «other» blog and they’ve also described several famous paintings. Go and have a look!


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More glogsters

2nd ESO students also made some cool blogs but this time on their favourite movies.  Here you can see the glogs all the students made, linked through a scoop virtual magazine. Just click on the image.


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«Comparatives» song

Some time ago my EFL 4th ESO students discovered that there are not so many songs full of comparisons. The one we could find was quite old fashioned and boring for them so I persuaded them to carry out a «singing project».singing

Some of them took old Petula Clark’s song

…and decided to transform it into something a bit more…»modern»

So Brian and Edu

And Josué and Martín

Whereas Christian

Some others thought it was a better idea to create a brand new song…

This is what María did:

And this was Charlie and Ferxo’s piece of work:

I hope you enjoyed them!

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Environmental glogsters

4th ESO students also wanted to do their share so they prepared some amazing posters on environmental issues.


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CLIL posters by a group in 2nd ESO


Our students in 2nd ESO created an online poster called «The day I was born» where they had to find out some information about what happened in the world the day of their birth.

Here is what they did:http://poster.4teachers.org/view/feature.php?id=222340

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An excellent site for listening comprehension

There’s a wonderful site to practice listening comprehension. It’s called ELLLO(yes, with three ls) and you can choose among tons of conversations graded by levels and with different accents (check the flags!)

The best part of it is that you can listen to the conversation and read it at the same time so you make the most of the listening process.

You can also do some quizzes and review vocabulary.




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Maths Millionnaire

Last year our 3rd ESO CLIL students participated in a Maths Millionnaire inter-schools game, held at CEP Las Palmas II, where they could earn prizes for answering questions about Maths in English

Imagen 009


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Ferdinand the VIIth

4th ESO students created some videos after Lady Gaga’s French Revolution song . Here’s one by Carla, Liliana, Almudena, Verónica, Bea y Ovidia.

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Describe your monster!

aliensAs a means to scaffold Science contents, we have decided to use this worksheet for 1st ESO students to learn how to describe, in our case monsters. They will need this vocabulary to be able to talk about animal features later on.

Aliens worksheet

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