Lady Gaga and the French Revolution

This video is amazing: The history of the French Revolution in a Lady Gaga´s song!!!!!!
As an activity for History students had to to transcribe the lyrics of this song and look up the vocabulary. Then they chose their own song and did something similar…

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A modern Cinderella by 1st ESO A

Last year 1st ESO A on the whole performed a wonderful modern version of Cinderella. They rehearsed and rehearsed and they even prepared a Powerpoint to be shown while they represented the play.

They did a fantastic work and it was very funny. I would really love to show you the performance but as it’s impossible, at least here you can see the file:

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Renaissance Dance: Sellenger’s Round

As 2nd ESO students will be dealing with Middle Ages this year, we have thought of teaching them how to dance a Renaissance British song called Sellenger’s round.

It will look similar to this…

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New Year celebrations around the world

Tons of worksheets and activities to work on how people celebrate New Year around the world. You can see them here.


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Glogsters «About me»

Glogster is an awesome tool. So awesome that even 1st ESO students can make an impressive glog about themselves. Here you can see the glogs all the students made, linked through a scoop virtual magazine. Just click on the image.


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We wish you a Merry Xmas karaoke

Have a lovely Xmas! I hope you enjoy a lot!And sing along with our video!Have fun!

Happy_Holidays_TuxWe wish you a Merry Xmas karaoke!


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CLIL at IES Pérez Galdós

To get an idea of what we do at our school in the CLIL project we recommend that you watch the attached presentation. Enjoy!

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