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My First 10monkeys Math App

App My First 10monkeys Math App

Fly into outer space and help the monkeys solve basic math problems in My First 10monkeys Math App. This galactic educational app covers seven different math topics designed to introduce kids to basic math skills. As they play, kids will encounter stars, planets, flowers, and, of course, a host of silly monkeys. They’ll also get to make music, finish patterns, and enjoy multiple mini games. The app’s simple design and wealth of skills make it a must-have for young math learners and a good stepping stone to the other 10monkeys math apps.

Etapa/Cursos: 1º Primaria, 2º Primaria
Otros contenidos: Lenguas Extranjeras
Autor: Ltd
Licencia de uso: App o complemento de pago u ofrece compras integradas

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Etiquetado cómo: astronomy, clil


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