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story about the sea

Flash story about the sea

This story shows the great variety of different animals we can find in the sea and how being all different they share the sea to live. Kids can learn this stoy at the same time they learn the vocabulary given, once learnt through practice they can take the role of the narrator and tell the story to others.

story about animals who am i

Flash story about animals who am i

This story helps to make predictions about animals through a short story. Children will enjoy listening or reading through this interactive story read or shared with the teacher or any member of the family.

story about shapes

Flash story about shapes

This story helps to make correspondences among shapes and common things from the daily life. It can be shown as an example of activity to be done in class.

jobs memory game

Flash jobs memory game

This memory games about professions increases its difficulty as every panel is solved, from listening and visual recognition to reading recognition and mixtures. Very nice as to identify the vocabulary in a funny way.


Flash trolleydash

This game helps to introduces reading and listening at the same time and the practice of memory and visual recognition. Try to put in the trolley what in the previous shopping list is given, your students will have 60 seconds as to complete it all and then they can pass to another level.

bruno´s body

Web bruno´s body

This game shows how to recognize the different parts of the body using bruno´s body. Kids juat have to click or touch in the digital board the right part mentioned. Families can also take part inthe interaction of this game at home thanks to the fun the game promotes itself.

shapes show room

Flash shapes show room

This flash game help students to understand how shapes are around, it also promotes creativity since they can create their own proposals freely or guided.

christmas resources

Web christmas resources

A whole compilation of Carrols, Music, Decorations, Games, Vopcabulary… all for Christmas so we can show how this celabration takes place through different cultares paying special emphasis in the anglosaxon world.