From 7th  to  9th  of DECEMBER


  1. Creation of a school team (teachers and students).
  2. Management and  The mobility tool.
  3. Deadlines for delivery of products/activities. 2 or 3 days to answer back to coordinator´s email. Distribution of tasks.
  4. Activities at school and activities to show our NA. Revision of activities till December . List of activities to be done in 2017.
  5. Online work. Blog and platforms.
  6. Mobilities and dates. Proposals. Details of meetings:
  • Who pays and what?
  • 2 teachers 3/4 students.
  • We need to have the same system.
  • Teachers pay for hotel but then everything else is hosted. Partners will pay for transportation to the final destination.
  • Families for hosting students advisable.
  • From Sunday to Saturday should be the norm.
  • Programme of activities: 5 days. Not included arrivals and departures.
  • There should be time for cultural programme, one day at least and two evenings.

2017/2018 meetings:

  •  May 2017 en Austria
  • October 2017 en Portugal . Transnational
  • February/march 2018 en Cyprus
  • May 2018 en France
  1. Evaluation sheets and dissemination of the project.