Una historia de misterio: Don’t be curious (iniciativa de Inglés)

¿De dónde nace el misterio? De una buena historia. Les dejamos con la primera parte escrita por Elena de 1º BACH B: «Don’t be curious».

«Long time ago, in an old and dusty mansion located in the middle of nowhere, there was an unusual and strange case. In this peculiar place there was a well-known family. My mom used to work for them as a cleaner when I was little so we lived in the basement of the house for a few months. But I had seen mysterious acts since the first day.
It all started on a cold night of winter. I was in the corridor that led to the hall when one of the daughters of the family appeared. She locked the door that was behind her and stared at me with an empty look. She didn’t waste a second to tell me the following words: “You shouldn’t enter there if you don’t want to be the next victim”. And just the same way as she came, she left the room.
Of course, after hearing that (and being the naive and curious boy that I was) I started to take up a new habit. Every single day, after eating dinner, I went to the same door the girl came out just to see what was all about that warning. The first weeks nothing happened but one day, when I was standing right next to the door, I took the door knob and slightly moved it a little bit so I could take a look at what was inside that room.
Just by watching for a few minutes I could tell something was wrong. The room looked like an ordinary office from the outside but with a really big problem. The objects from the bookshelf and from the table disappeared as if they were stolen in a half of a minute. It was like it broke the laws of physics. I kept watching the scene fascinated when a strong wind came across the corridor. I turned around to see if there was a window open but it wasn’t. The thing that was causing this wasn’t, in fact, a thing. It was a person, a transparent person, and a slightly white one. It was a ghost!.
It broke into the corridor as fast as lightning and he ran (or flew) to where I was standing. I was absorbed by the situation, maybe more than I should have been because I didn’t notice that this ghost had a knife on his hand. And, of course, it wasn’t for a good purpose. Yes, as you can imagine, this was my death, or at least that’s what I thought at the beginning. He commit my murder, and he stabbed me so fast that, when I realized what happened, I was already on the floor with my last breath of air. I started seeing everything blurry and my heart was slower and slower second by second. The last thing I could hear was the ghost’s voice. It didn’t make much sense to me at that time. “ I`m free! I’m free! “ I heard and in that second my heart stopped beating.
It didn’t take a long time when the scene of the crime was discovered. My mom was going to clean the hall when she found my dead body on the floor, she was devastated. The police came as fast as they could and they started interrogating all the possible suspects but they didn’t find any evidence to arrest any of the family members or workers of the mansion. The years went by, no detective or investigator found a single clue to what had happened in that place. And here I am, in the same corridor with the same transparent and cold body. Chained in this place forever, unless I commited a crime like my antecessor did, maybe that was why he robbed all those things from the office».

Acerca de Carlos Javier Eguren Hernández

Docente del Departamento de Lengua Castellana y Literatura del IES Las Veredillas durante el curso 2021-2022.
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