Relatos ganadores en certamen literario de Inglés


Rest in peace?

It’s been a year since I died. I’ve been buried under the most beautiful branch of wild roses to feel that peace you’re supposed to experience when you aren’t alive. But the soil and roots that surround my wooden cage squeeze me more and more every day. The worms are all around the rest of me. But the worst thing is that I can’t feel anything of it. Maybe I should have sought peace when I was alive, looking at that branch of wild roses.

Elsa Fernández       3º A


The sun was setting as if it were a ripe, giant peach falling from a celestial tree. Lisa’s attention shifted from it when she heard Mathew’s gentle steps towards his rocking chair. He sat and their wrinkled hands held tenderly, more so now than when they were still smooth. It seemed to her that time had made their love grow and their souls intertwine, like branches of the rosebush her eyes were now lying on as night was slowly falling.

Inés Guerra        2º B Bachillerato

Surreal times

He wasn’t scared of anything. Nothing stood in his way, but one evening something just wasn’t quite right. He could sense it in the air. His feelings grew strange. Looking out of his window, the picture confirmed the fear. It was amazingly surreal: the green ocean and the blue mountains just terrorized him. What had happened…?

Henry Manuel Nuez Mullarkey                                                                                                        

Herny Nuez 1º ESO C