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PRIMARIA: Primero: Educación Física 1º, Lengua 1º, Matemáticas 1º y PILE 1º. Segundo: Educación Física 2º, Lengua 2º,  Matemáticas 2º y  PILE 2º Tercero: Educación Física 3º,  Lengua 3º , Matemáticas 3º  y  PILE 3º Cuarto: Educación Física 4º,  Lengua 4º,  Matemáticas 4º y PILE 4º. Quinto: Educación Física 5º,  Francés 5º , Lengua 5º , Matemáticas 5º  y  PILE 5º Sexto: Educación Física 6º , Francés 6º , Lengua 6º ,  Matemáticas  6º y  PILE 6º INFANTIL: Infantil 3 …

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The Solar System. Fifth and Sixth Grade.

Estimadas familias☺️ Hemos empezado este Segundo Trimestre con muchas ganas y energía?? Como ya sabrán estamos trabajando el sistema solar ?  Un tema que está resultando muy interesante ? A continuación les adjuntaré un vídeo que hemos visto en clase pero que también sería recomendable verlo en casa ?  Además con la ayuda de nuestro …

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«Exploradores ecológicos » 3º y 4º.

El alumnado de 3º y 4º ha realizado la ruta de Exploradores Ecológicos en la Finca de Osorio ,  a través de la empresa  Nature canariensis.

Visita a la Feria Internacional del Mar. 4º

Da Vinci’s bridge. 5th Graders.

5th graders investigated about Da Vinci’s bridge. With the information they found about it, they made a model using popsicle sticks. El alumnado de 5º investigó sobre el puente diseñado por Da Vinci para a continuación hacerlo con palos de polo.   They explained other students, from 4 years old to 6th grade, how it …

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Happy mouth, happy digestion! 1º and 2º year.

The mouth is where digestion starts. This  month we have learnt the names of the different parts of our mouth and the importance of taking care of it. Specially our teeth which are very important in the process of digestion. We have learnt that there are foods which contain a lot of sugar and these …

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The digestive system: hands on learning. 

In 1 and 2 year we have learnt what happens to food when it enters our body. We have learnt the most important parts of our digestive system, a how food is transformed. It is a very complex process but a fun experiment has helped us understand it.

Visita a Fimar. 4º, 5º y 6º.

Visita al Acuario Poema del Mar. 3º y 4º.

» Una playa sin humos».

El alumnado de 5º y 6º realizó, en la playa  de Las Canteras , actividades  de sensibilización sobre » una playa sin humos».  

Primero y segundo visita el Acuario Poema del Mar.

Our classroom garden. 1st and 2nd course.

We have brought different plants to school, and have made presentations for our classmates, and other students of the school. We found out the name of our plant, the different parts they had and explained how we take care of them. We were able to smell them and touch their leaves, even their spikes! We …

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3, 2, 1… ACTION! . Fourth grade.

Fourth grade has worked on the story Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway. They used different techniques and steps: – First they drew the scenes and coloured them. – They took pictures of their illustrations. – They wrote the script. – They recorded the videos using the chroma key (the green background). – Finally, they editted …

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Plants. 1st and 2nd course.

At school we are learning about plants, how important they are and what we need to take into consideration in order to take care of them. We have planted our own seeds and we will watch them grow. We have also made plant models with clay, labeling the diferent parts of the plant. We have …

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Magical creatures in the third cycle of Los Tarahales School.

Research about dolphins. 4th grade.

Students from 4th grade have done a research about dolphins. Then, they did a PowerPoint presentation using their tablets to teach students from different grades about dolphins. They worked on this activity in cooperative groups, helping each other and learning from each other. They worked really well together and did an excellent presentation. Great job …

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Sea animal models.1st and 2nd course.

Students from 1st and 2nd course have created amazing models together with their families. They have created animals such as sea horses, whales, octopuses, sharks, fish… They have also created models which represent the bottom of the ocean, filled with all sorts of sea creatures. We thank all the families for their help. You have …

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Iniciación a la pesca sostenible.

El alumnado del centro ha realizado tres talleres sobre la  iniciación a la pesca sostenible ofertados por el  Cabildo de Gran Canaria y el Instituto Insular de Deportes  dentro del Proyecto JuegosDVida. -Taller de medio-ambiente, ecosistema y pesca sostenible. – Taller de pintura y sopa de letras de peces del caladero canario. Juegos magnéticos. – …

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Sea animals.

An imaginary trip to bottom of the ocean. First and Second course.

Last week we went on an imaginary trip to the bottom of the ocean. We closed our eyes and we imagined we were diving under the sea.  We saw so many animals; fish, octopus, sharks, submarines, mermaids, dolphins, crabs… it was amazing!