May 23th, 2017

By Cristina Moreno (2ºESO B)

My personal experience was exciting altough I´ve been there four times. Even so, it is always nice to come back and remember who our ancestors were and to know the history that gave way to our age.

We were accompanied by three teachers which, made the visit better. The walk through the cave was very funny like other years´ but this time it was in English. I think it was a great idea the fact that they spoke in English because we could improve our level of the language and put into practice what we have learnt. The tour guide was very friendly with us since she made us laugh and she made it easy for us to understand.

In my opinion, the visit was amazing, funny and instructive. I think that we should do more visits of this type because they help us to strenghten our knowledge of languages and also for the possibility that we travel abroad and understand English easily.

Photo: Cueva Pintada