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Developing English Communicative Competence through Art – DECCA Project

Erasmus Plus K2 Project

Antonio Padrón Museum is one of the most impressive and interesting museums from Gran Canaria.  It was opened in 1971 and it is located in the painter’s own studio in Galdar  It is a regionalist style pavilion that also includes the garden and the family home. It was designed in the early twentieth century by the architect Miguel Martin Fernandez de la Torre, leader of the rationalist style in the Canaries-autorretrato

Antonio Padrón Rodriguez was born, lived and died in Gáldar. He was a painter, sculptor, ceramicist  and composer, … his life was spent in an intimate symbiosis with his land (Gáldar)  and its people. The land and the people around him constituted the world that the artist was vitally connected. His aspiration for a genuine art, his respect for the Canarian native aborigin art and his solitary nature, gave his work a special uniqueness within the Canary Art from the XXth century.

Today a group of students from EOI Las Palmas de Gran Canaria visited the museum and there they carried out some teaching activities connecting art with language learning.


Students will be able to:
•describe different pictures and .
• learn and use vocabulary about emotions and feelings.
• interpret different aspects of a picture.
• write the impressions a picture has evoked on them. IMG_2383 IMG_2343

It was a fascinating experience!

Read  the report in the news here!

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