Mullsjö folkhögskola. A visit into the world of trolls and elves


On the 20th of October students and teachers from Mullsjö folkhögskola went visiting the exhibition of John Bauer who is most famous for his exotic paintings of trolls and elves. After getting a short introduction by a curator at the museum, we started with an interesting VTS using the painting I will give you this magic herb. The first part of the exhibition is an imaginative performance, working with senses. The task was to find a painting that the students wanted to take part in and give it a title. Next step was to give words to the emotions the picture awoke and share the thoughts with a classmate.
The second part concentrated on the life and works of John Bauer where the students have to study the works thoroughly in order to find answers to a quiz.
We had a very inspiring day, leatrollsrning a lot about art and John Bauer as well as improving our English!

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