Teachers’ training Meeting in Venice



This meeting was organized by the Italian partner (Project Coordinator), in its school, I.T.I.S C. Zuccante, from 2nd to 6th of February, 2015. The purpose was to train three teachers of each country to start the project activities at their schools.

 The best way to introduce new technology and innovative teaching methodologies is to count on expert teachers who have a great deal of experience on the use of robotics in the classroom. So the objective of the meeting is to learn the best practices and the most efficient and diffused techniques from these experts. There was a four day immersion course given by this expert team, and a final day to brainstorm, gather ideas and plan the future class activities of the project.

 This event was essential for the achievement of good results during the whole project. First we all started with a common and shared knowledge base which came from the experience of the renowned experts.


  • Monday, 2nd February: Intro to LEGO EV3
  • Tuesday, 3rd February: Robot PROGRAMMING
  • Wednesday, 4th February: DataLogging with LEGOORGANIZATION & METHODOLOGIES
  • Thursday, 5th February: PROJECT PLANNING
  • Friday, 6th February: ADVANCED Basic Model

    Course Program 


Photos from Lithuania                                      Photos from Spain