The Erasmus + project «Troubadours, journalists, storytellers, travellers, actors, defenders of tolerance and protagonists» was designed to promote, instill and raise awareness of the importance of oral and written expression as a key element  in students education in an interdisciplinary way from different subjects; its aims are to encourage students to take responsibility to develop their autonomous status in the organization of activities, thus enriching their integral formation; to promote education in values and tolerance,  respecting the freedom and rights of others and to integrate students with functional diversity in the project, in order for their self-esteem and their motivation to flourish. To do this, we embark on this adventure after carrying out other experiences in other European projects or in the improvement plans developed in each school.

The association has brought a sense of European value to the project by sharing these experiences, synergies, studies, jobs and achievements.

Educational institutions in Finland, Lithuania, Turkey and Spain associated to share the common interest of giving and developing a European dimension to our curricula. We have maintained an open, collaborative and innovative attitude to achieve the initial objectives, which, of course, have formed and will be part of the Educational Projects of each school. The project has greatly impacted the school as it allows the entire institution to participate.

Among our objectives, we have:

-Improved and complemented each partner ́s experience in improving oral and written expression, real inclusiveness in schools, the development of attitudes and values that have made our students more tolerant and the attribution of responsibilities to students in the life of each school.

-Enhanced a greater awareness towards a European culture by carrying out activities with students from other countries while also promoting equality and knowing other realities that involve cultural enrichment.

-Strengthened collaboration between educational institutions based on the exchange of ideas, sharing new approaches and methodologies where creativity, innovation and transferability prevail.

-Advocated and practiced inclusiveness in school and in life, guaranteeing equal opportunities and motivating students with disabilities.

-Integrated students with functional diversity in the project activities, promoting their self-esteem by feeling responsible for organizing activities for others and enabling their participation in the LTTA.

-Implemented strategies to improve language proficiency in  both students and teachers, which stimulated more interest in the cultures and traditions of partner countries.

-Used digital communication tools for educational purposes (eTwinning).

-Successfully involved teachers, students, families and local institutions in the project activities.

-Developed an Oral and Written Expression plan and a Tolerance Plan that will ever last.

During these two years, the following activities  have been carried: an Erasmus + corner has been established in each school along with a logo, blog, calendars and T-shirts which represent the project; we have also  prepared and carried out  rubrics, questionnaires and provided tips to improve oral and written expression or facilitate the lives of the disabled, as well as celebrating Days such as Europe Day, for a Secure Internet Day , Peace Day, Tolerance Week …); Our approach to promote tolerance involved creating and representing organizations that voluntarily work to facilitate the lives of the disabled. We have also published the Guide for Oral and Written Expression, project magazines, literary competitions, “storytelling” training courses, book-forums…

Likewise, we studied the realities of foreign education systems and we have worked collaboratively to elaborate  documents that we believe will bring future benefits not only to our schools but also to other institutions that seek to mirror our achievements.

Finally, it is indubitable that most of the project ́s activities will remain in the school once it is finished, it is a project designed for the present and for the future. We will continue to rely on our students to organise activities associated with the project and we will continue to work towards a “European” education that enables future contacts with schools in other countries.

Suffice it to say that with this project our students have developed key life skills (digital, linguistic, social and civic …) and have demonstrated confidence, commitment, good communication skills, equitable, empathy, tolerance, thoughtfulness, innovation, critique, cooperation, and are now trained and destined to live in a common Europe that they can call their own.



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