Impressive experience of one of our Erasmus+ students

One of our higher cycle students, Claudio Chico Lorenzo, coursing 3rd Multiplatform Application Development, is doing his traineeship term through KA1 project of Erasmus+ Programme at the University College Dublin (Ireland). It is noteworthy that the student will actively participate in a project of this university related analytical forensic computing. According to the student himself tells us: «The job is to build an application that makes forensic copies (exact copies bit to bit) of a hard drive but not the traditional way. Usually when the police requires a forensic study of a hard disk, a full copy of it is made. The process may well take a couple of days and can only be carried out in certain laboratories criminology by certified experts … so there is an absolute collapse in all countries when conducting analysis of digital evidence. The idea is to reduce backup time analyzing the disk first and discovering that parts are really new and which belong to commonly used files and no known criminal (SO, music, software, games …) or are empty. «
The IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo congratulates the student to play such an interesting work and is proud of the satisfactory results being obtained through our different European mobility projects.

Erasmus+ KA1 students destinations

Early next month of April, our Erasmus+ students will begin their mobility and traneeship experiences. Destinations, pending final confirmation, are:

  • Poland: There will go 3 students of Computer Systems Administration, 3 from Automatization and Robotics and 6 Tourism ones. The cities will be: Cracow and Wroclaw.
  • Germany: In the área of Cologne will stay 1 Cross-Plattform Application Development student.
  • Czech Republic: 2 students of Computer Systems Administration will work in the city of Prague.
  • Italy: 1 student of Computer Systems Administration will work near the city of Catania, in Sicily.
  • Ireland: 1 student of Cross-plattform Applications Development will work in the city of Dublin.
  • Scotland: 1 student of Web Applications Development will work in the city of Edimbourgh.


Now we are fully busy with all their documentation, bank transfers, partners contacts and all preparatory actions.

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

All our Erasmus+ KA1 students selected to do current year mobilities for training have been enlisted in the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) Application for online language training of the Erasmus+ Programme.
This online application will allow all the students to do a previous language skills test, an online course during the mobilities and a final skills test after the traineeship. Each student in the most suitable language for the traineeship, depending in both country of destination and previous languages knowledges. It’s expected the students will improve their language skills with the mobility experience and the use of OLS.

Signing of Agreements and Grants Transfer

Our 18 HE students selected for the Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities of 2015 (15 Erasmus+ funded  and 3 Zero grants funded by DGFP and Cajacanarias) have just signed the Agreements and have received most of the needed documentation and information.
In order to the scholarships, they will receive in their bank accounts 80% of the Erasmus+ / 100% of DGFP / 80% Cajacanarias funding in the next days.