Erasmus+ KA1 staff mobilities for training 2015-2016

In recent dates four of our staff teachers have returned from their Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities. Three of them have gone through KA1 staff mobilities for training higher education project for one week, two in the city of Vicenza -Italy- (Emilio Matamoros Sayar and David vargas Ruíz) and one in the city of Edimbourgh -Scotland- (Emilio Aguilar Gutiérrez). The other teacher, Ana Delia Hernández Hernández. Has done her mobility accompanying the mid level vocational training students in their traineeship mobilities in Vicenza for one month.


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All of them have already returned absolutely satisfied with the experience, both in proffessional and personal senses. IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo congratulates for these possitive experiences.

Our Erasmus+ KA1 2015-2016 traineeship students are back!

In the last two weeks our Erasmus+ selected students have returned from their traineeshipson different European countries. These traineeships and integral experiences have been possible by the Erasmus+ KA1 Project for Higher Education in which our high school is involved.

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The students selected by the IES Puerto de La Cruz – Telesforo Bravo have performed the work experience in different European cities. These are the countries and cities where our higher cycles of vocational training students have passed nine weeks doing their traineeships:

  • Poland: There will go 3 students of Computer Systems Administration, 3 from Automatization and Robotics and 6 Tourism ones. The cities will be: Cracow and Wroclaw.
  • Germany: In the área of Cologne will stay one Cross-Plattform Application Development student.
  • Czech Republic: Two students of Computer Systems Administration will work in the city of Prague.
  • Italy: One student of Computer Systems Administration will work near the city of Catania, in Sicily.
  • Ireland: One student of Cross-plattform Applications Development will work in the city of Dublin.
  • Scotland: One student of Web Applications Development will work in the city of Edimbourgh

Now we are absolutely sure they all have had a nice experience and keep on working for the next course projects.

KA1 Students Mobility for Training information meeting

Next Tuesday, 14th June, will take place an information meeting of the KA1 Students Mobility for Training project for higher education of the Erasmus+ Programme. This meeting is going to be in the Salón de Actos at 10:45 am and it’s addressed to the students of first course of higher level cycles who are interested in the project.
The European Projects team will informa and resolve questions about all the process and will also attend some students who have done this year mobilities. We encourage you to attend!

Erasmus+ resources for the search of traineeships and accommodation

The team of European Programs of IES Puerto de la Cruz is promoting in recent years the search for destinations by the students themselves. We think it is a good choice for participants in the mobilities to be involved in the process and are eligible for more personalized destinations. This participation will be considered as an advantage in the selection process for the next course 2016-2017 mobilities.
Then we leave some useful links for search and contact internship positions in European companies and also for finding accommodation. They are all projects related with the Erasmus+ programme and the European Commission.