Erasmus+ Students KA1 Mobilities 2016-2017 Initial Meeting

Next Wednesday 5th of October is going to take place the first official meeting for the KA1 trainneeship mobilities for students. It will take place in the Salón de Actos from 13:45 pm to 14:15 pm. All the students interested in the programme must assist to the meeting and could ask anything related to the mobilities. Must be recalled that the applicants have to study 2º or 3º course of higher education short cycles.
From this day to Friday 14th of October, the applicants must present the Application Form and their CV form in the Secretary of the high school to participate in the selection process.

DGFPEA Financial Support and Erasmus+ «Zero Grants»

The General Direction of Vocational Training and Adult Education (DGFPEA) of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of Canary Islands CA has confirmed centers participating in Erasmus+ student mobilities projects providing a financial support. Since that organism’s use of support is recommended to increase the number of mobilities according to the so-called Erasmus+ «Zero Grants».dgfpea

The IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo, through the school Erasmus+ Coordination, has decided to use this economic contribution to increase the number of places for mobility trainees during 2016-2017. Another two grants are available from previous KA1 project of 2015-2016. Thus, we will have the initial 16+2 mobility workplaces funded by Erasmus+ grants and 1 added traineeship place funded by the DGFPEA, so we can finally have 19 places for student mobilities. The amount of this support will be slightly less than the Erasmus+ budget, but enough to face mobility.

KA1 SMP / STT project for course 2016 / 2017

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo has been successful, as last years, for Erasmus+ Students Mobilities for Practices KA1 Project. The Spanish National Agency (SEPIE) has selected our application and has granted the Project with 16 mobilities for students and 2  mobilities for staff.
To these mobilities for students will be added 2 more SMP ones left from last year KA1 Project. Then, 18 of our higher short cycle students are going to have the opportunity of taking part in the Project and do their traineeship in an European country.