2014 / 2015 Erasmus+ KA1 HE Project Quality Evaluation

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo have just received the Quality Evaluation comments and results document related with our KA103 2014-2015 project (mobilities of higher education students and staff). This evaluation has been done by the evaluators of our Erasmus+ National Agency (SEPIE).
We are very proud of presenting to our educational community these results, that, in numbers have been rated as follows:
  • Relevance of the project: 35 points out of 40.
  • Quality of design and project implementation: 37 points out of 40.
  • Impact and dissemination: 20 points out of 20.
  • Total rating of the Final Report and the project: 92 points out of 100.
  • Qualitative assesment of the Final Report and the project: Very good.

Selected Students for Erasmus+ KA103 Mobilities 2016-2017 First Meeting

On Wednesday 16th of November will take place the first official meeting for the students selected to take part in KA103 trainneeship Mobilities for Students 2016-2017. It will take place in Comodín 1 classroom from 13:30 pm to 14:30 pm. All the students selected in the process must assist to the meeting. Other interested students may attend if they wish and it would be recommendable.




All participant students will have to sign a compromise document. Also we will take the opportunity to make a first approach to the destinations of the traineeships.

Results of 2016-2017 KA-103 Student Mobilities Selection Process

Once the Erasmus+ KA1 for higher education applicants selection process is finished, we proceed to publish the final results. The selection process was held among students who have applied to participate in the proposed mobility for trainees, corresponding to the Key Action1 (KA1) of the Erasmus+ programme.



Students are reminded that finally are 16 places funded by the Erasmus+ programme for 2016-2017 course and 2 more workplaces available from previous KA1 2015-2016 KA1 Project. Likewise it affects the responsibility of the selected students to participate in the project according to the guidelines of it.


Erasmus+ KA2 project «Talented Europe» third Meeting in Luton (UK)

During the days 2, 3 and 4 th November, was held in Luton -England-, the third Transnational Meeting of the Talented Europe Erasmus+ KA2 project.

Moreover, it has been developed the first Multiplier Event of the project, used to disseminate the project among potential end users: students, educational institutions and businesses.


The meetings have taken place at the University of Bedfordshire, one of the project partners, together with Belgium and Slovakia. From our center they have participated both teachers assigned to the project, Carlos Manescau and Sergio Delgado. The meeting was very fruitful and will be continued in the second half of the project (until September 2018) with three other transnational meetings.