Selected and Reserve Students for Erasmus+ KA103 Mobilities 2017-2018 First Meeting

On Wednesday 8th of November will take place the first official meeting for the students, selected and belonging to reserve list, to take part in KA103 trainneeship Mobilities for Students 2017-2018. It will take place in Salón de Actos from 13:30 pm to 14:30 pm. All the students selected in the process must assist to the meeting. Students in reserve list may attend and it would be very recommendable.




All participant students will have to sign a compromise document. Also we will take the opportunity to make a first approach to the destinations of the traineeships and they will be entrusted with a series of tasks and a deadline for carrying them out.

2015 Erasmus+ KA103 HE Project Quality Evaluation Report

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo have just received the Quality Evaluation comments and results document related with our KA103 2015-2016 project (mobilities of higher education students and staff). This evaluation has been done by the evaluators of our Erasmus+ National Agency (SEPIE).
We are very proud of presenting to our educational community these results, that, in numbers have been rated as follows:
  • Relevance of the project: 39 points out of 40.
  • Quality of design and project implementation: 38 points out of 40.
  • Impact and dissemination: 18 points out of 20.
  • Total rating of the Final Report and the project: 95 points out of 100.
  • Qualitative assesment of the Final Report and the project: Very good.

Talented Europe Transnational Meeting and Multiplier Event in Kosice (Slovakia)

The Director and the Erasmus + Coordinator for Higher Education of the IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo, Sergio Delgado Quintero and Carlos Manescau López, have attended last week to different events of the KA203 Erasmus+ project Talented Europe in Kosice, Republic of Slovakia. The host on this occasion was Technická univerzita v Košiciach (TUKE).

On the 10th and 11th, the fifth Transnational Meeting took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Meeting that served to mark the guidelines for the incorporation of new companies, academic institutions and students to the cross-plattform applications of Talented Europe. The report of the audit of monitoring and control by the SEPIE that we have passed as the coordinating center of this project was commented on. The impact of this project was reviewed and the sixth and final Transnational Meeting in Brussels was set for April as well as the associated Multiplier Event.


Multiplier Event in Kosice
In the library of Technická univerzita v Košiciach, the third Multiplier Event for this project was held on 12 October. This type of actions are aimed at presenting the target audience of the products generated (web and mobile applications). On this occasion, the Web application was presented to more than 80 people (among students, professors and companies). A Workshop on Android and iOS applications was also held for Talented Europe. Previously, our center had organized a multiplier event of these characteristics in the Tenerife Auditorium.