Our 2019 KA103 trainees are already in Europe!

During last two weeks, have gone to their destinations the students selected by the IES Puerto de La Cruz – Telesforo Bravos to perform the work experience in different European cities, through 2018-2019 KA103 project for Higher Education and within the Erasmus+ Programme. These are the countries and cities where our students will pass the next nine weeks doing their traineeships:
  • Poland: 1 student from Automatization and Robotics is doing his traineeship in the city of Wroclaw, and 3 more students (also from Automatization and Robotics) in Kracow.
  • Germany: In the area of Berlin are staying 1 Tourist Guide and Assistance and 1 Web Applications Development students.
  • Portugal: 1 student of Hostelry and Tourism is working in the city of Porto.
  • Sweden: 1 student of Cross-Platform Applications Development is staying in the city of Stockholm.
  • Czech Republic: In the area of Prague are doing their traineeships 5 students from Computer Systems Administration, 1 student from Cross-Platform Applications Development, and 6 students from Tourist Guide and Assistance.
  • Ireland2 students from Web Applications Development are doing their work experience in the city of Cork.
  • Hungary: 1 student from Tourist Guide and Assistancet is doing his traineeship in the city of Budapest.

mapWhatsApp Image 2019-03-24 at 22.58.02

These year’s KA103 mobilities are, in all aspects , our best success and confirm the possitive evolution of the project through last years. It’s a great goal for our school to send 23 Higher Education students to 7 different European countries. Now we wish them a nice experience and keep in touch for any help they could need.