KA103 SMP / STT project for course 2019 / 2020

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo has been successful, as last years, for Erasmus+ Students Mobilities for Practices KA1 Project. The Spanish National Agency (SEPIE) has selected our application and has granted the Project with 25 mobilities for students and 3 mobilities for staff.
To these mobilities for students will be added 2 more SMP and 2 more STT ones left from last year KA103 Project. Then, 27 of our higher short cycle students and 5 of our staff are going to have the opportunity of taking part in the Project and do their traineeship / learning in an European country.
These numbers are the absolute record for our school and we’ll try our best to get success in the project and all its mobilities.

Our Erasmus+ KA103 2018-2019 traineeship students are back!

In the last two weeks our Erasmus+ selected students have returned from their traineeships on different European countries. These traineeships and integral experiences have been possible by the Erasmus+ KA103 Project for Higher Education in which our high school is involved.


The students selected by the IES Puerto de La Cruz – Telesforo Bravo have performed the work experience in different European cities. These are the countries and cities where our higher cycles of vocational training students have passed nine weeks doing their traineeships:

  • Poland: 1 student from Automatization and Robotics is doing his traineeship in the city of Wroclaw, and 3 more students (also from Automatization and Robotics) in Kracow.
  • Germany: In the area of Berlin are staying 1 Tourist Guide and Assistance and 1 Web Applications Development students.
  • Portugal: 1 student of Hostelry and Tourism is working in the city of Porto.
  • Sweden: 1 student of Cross-Platform Applications Development is staying in the city of Stockholm.
  • Czech Republic: In the area of Prague are doing their traineeships 5 students from Computer Systems Administration, 1 student from Cross-Platform Applications Development, and 6 students from Tourist Guide and Assistance.
  • Ireland2 students from Web Applications Development are doing their work experience in the city of Cork.
  • Hungary: 1 student from Tourist Guide and Assistancet is doing his traineeship in the city of Budapest.

Now we are absolutely sure they all have had a nice experience and keep on working for the next course projects.