KA103 SMP / STT project for course 2020 / 2021

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo has been successful, as last years, for Erasmus+ Higher Education Mobilitiy KA103 Project. The Spanish National Agency (SEPIE) has selected our application and has granted the Project with 20 mobilities for students and 2 mobilities for staff.
To these mobilities for students will be added about 20 more SMP and 3 more STT ones left from last year KA103 Project, cancelled due to COVID-19 emergency. Then, almost 40 of our higher short cycle students and 5 of our staff are going to have the opportunity of taking part in the Project and do their traineeship / learning in an European country.
These numbers are the absolute record for our school and we’ll try our best to get success in the project and all its mobilities.