Actividades de Aula. Ciclos.

Target group: 36 students . Advanced  Vocational Training. Business Studies.

Title of the activity.-

Labour Reform and Spanish Entrepreneurs.

This activity was carried out in English by a teacher ( who was selected for an Erasmus+ mobility in Dublin) and students from the  Business Studies Department.   We are not a CLIL school. This was an activity  to introduce English in subjects which are taught in Spanish.

The aim of this activity is to provide students with activities that help them to improve their reading comprehension and written production in both English and Spanish , strengthening at the same time students’ social and civic competence since they have to show a critical outlook when faced with different situations .

Activity. Steps.

First Activity.-

Read this article in Spanish.-

And now answer these questions in English.-

  1. How do political decisions affect the economy of a country?
  2. One of the major consequences of this crisis is unemployment. Discuss how this situation influences or would influence individuals and families and society in general.


Second Activity.

  1. Read this information in English.-

The Consentino Group. Cosentino Group is an international and family-owned Spanish company, which produces and distributes innovative high quality surfaces for the world of architecture and design.

As a leading company, it envisages and anticipates solutions, together with its clients and partners, which proportion design and value and which bring inspiration to people´s lives. This objective is possible thanks to pioneering brands and leaders in their respective fields such as Silestone, Dekton® or Sensa by Cosentino. Technologically advanced surfaces which allow the creation of atmospheres and unique designs for the home and public spaces.

The group bases its development on international expansion, an innovative programme of research and development, respect for the environment and sustainability, and its ongoing corporate commitment to society and local communities where it has a presence, training, equality and job security.

Cosentino Group distributes its products to more than 80 countries from its headquarters in Almeria (Spain). Currently, the multinational company has a presence in 32 countries and has subsidiaries or its own commercial assets in 27 of them. Cosentino has 7 production plants (6 in Almeria, Spain, and one in Brazil), one intelligent logistics platform in Spain, and more than 120 business and commerces spread throughout world. More than 90% of its consolidated turnover is generated on international markets.

  1. And now listen to this radio interview in Spanish.-

And now answer these questions in English:

  • Do you agree with him about what is being discussed, that is to say the labour reform which has been carried out in recent years.


  • In what way, according to him, has the crisis  affected his company? In general terms do you share their views on how the crisis has affected the business of the country?



  • Do you think innovation is a key point when a company’s aim is internalization? Why?


  • Do you share his your opinion on how political decisions can have an effect on economy? Justify your answers.


  • He puts a lot of emphasis on Vocational Training as also does Mr. Amid Achi, one of our best known entrepreneur  in the Canary Islands. They also agree that foreign languages are really important to grow .


Do you agree with these  words?

How does the view of these big entrepreneurs could affect your training?

Student reports:




According to the Business teacher, this activity  was very useful because it allowed  students to approach the subject, beyond their  native language, which helped them to broaden and enrich their vision.  .  

It could be a very interesting activity to be carried out every year.



Results regarding participation.




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