Results. Polish institution.

Our first project together Caviardage , is now over.

What have I done together? A lot of beautiful things using just these six poems which talk about love or the lack of it; about destruction, about how to face our fate even when the going gets tough.

See them, enjoy them, read them

Our three institutions worked on the poems in different ways but the results are really nice to look at.

The Polish students created some wonderful videos and some beautiful photos. Some students shared their opinions filling in a  quiz. Thanks to all of you.   Katarzyna Waliczek,  Depta Celina, Kamila Urbańczyk and Adrianna Kwiecień said how much they had liked the poems because they remind them of different situations in life.

Let’s watch their works of art.



Fire and Ice.-

Fire and ice.-

Fire and Ice.-

Fire and Ice

Windrush child.-

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