The CEAD. Results.

Caviardage. All the poems. Very small.

These  have been our contributions to the project.

Our institution had the idea and created the Project.

The activities carried out by us were:

    1. Different files to work on the poems. You can see them here:
    2. A Class file.
    3. A photo course.


4. We not only worked on the artistic side of the Project but also on the pronunciation.


Windrush child. Some Caviardages.

  • Photoshop. Caviardage and If.

 – Seamus Heaney. Caviardage. The poet talks about love towards his mother and the wonderful moments they shared while peeling potatoes, when he didn’t have to share her with anyone. Our student felt the same while she was with her mother sewing. Her work

Robert Frost. Fire and Ice.


We would like to introduce the winners of our contest to you.

There is no way to say goodbye.

Leonard Cohen

There is no way to say good-bye.

This poem by Leonard Cohen. This poem talks about love and the feeling you have when it ends. These are some of the works by our students. The poem was previously worked on in class.

The first work is by Francisco Morales. He says he uses whatapp emoticons because it is the language we use nowadays.

The second work is by Dácil Trujillo and she says , ‘ I like   writing and painting, especially watercolors. For this reason, it has been a way to express my creativity. I made a new poem from the poem chosen. I let my imagination fly and I have flown to the seas of oblivion. I have represented a woman without mouth chained to her memories, because the words are useless and I like talking through color. “May the farewell exist when we really love?”

She chose to create her own poem. 

The third work is by Conchy Fernández  after having received a course on Photoshop at our institution.

The next work is by Carmen Sánchez. She said, ‘Love is a very important topic so I chose a part of the song which really describes the way we feel when we’re in love’.

The last two works are by Paula Vidal after having received a course on Photoshop at our institution.

And the other works by students.


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