Reading is a solitary activity, but when a book has moved or stimulated you, it’s natural to want to discuss it with someone else. A reading group gives you that opportunity.
A Reading Club -also called a Book Club- consists of a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books they are reading, or have read before the meeting. The aim of a reading club is to share opinions, feelings and points of view about the book.

Reading clubs usually meet in a library or bookshop, creating an opportunity for people to share their enthusiasm about the wonderful world of literature. Monthly meetings work well because it gives everyone a chance to get hold of the book, or find it in the library, and to read it.

Short Story Reading Club at EOI La Laguna

Our aim is to encourage our students of advanced levels (B2, C1 & C2) to read in English and to share their thoughts with other students in a relaxed atmosphere, while practising their spoken English in a real context and with a real purpose.

The stories are selected by the teachers, and they are usually by contemporary authors (20th century onwards). You can have a look at the stories we read last year in this blog. In the Reading Club section of this blog you will also find the new stories for this academic course 2020-2021 and a google form that you have to fill in if you want to join the club on its next session.

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