Reading Club 2021 -2022 Third Session

Dear Clubbers, we would like to invite you to our third session which will take place on Monday 21st of March. The topic for this session will be gender equality and gender identity.  Kate Chopin, an American writer from the 19th century, left us a fascinating story called «The Story of an Hour,» which focuses on women’s search for selfhood, self-discovery and identity.  We will also discuss Ivan Coyote’s stories, which make us reflect on the everyday struggles of non-binary people. 

If you would like to join us, please fill in the form below:

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We’ll be meeting in the school’s assembly room (Salón de actos) at 20:00. You can download the stories below. We hope you like them!

«The Story of an Hour,» Kate Chopin.

«No Bikini,» Ivan Coyote.

«A Dark Blue Bike,» Ivan Coyote.


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