PHISICAL EDUCATION – Mystery Puzzle Race

26th April 2018

Name of Activity:  Mystery Puzzle Race

Purpose of Activity: To encourage students to work together and work on fitness.

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of sport specific vocabulary for at least 6 different sports 6?

Grade Level: 6

Materials Needed: 36 dome cones, 36 index cards, 6 jump ropes, tally sheets, 6 small clip boards and pencil, 6 hula hoop, 6 regular cones.


The teacher Scattered dome cones around general space. Placed  an index card (or 2) with a specific task on one side and a sport specific vocabulary card on the other side under each dome cone so that the six domes of one color each have an index card with a different task and vocabulary word on it.

The teacher Separated the class into 6 teams. Each team had their own base area marked by a hula hoop or a regular cone of a certain color. When the activity started, teams head to their color of dome cone. The team walked together from the base to the cone by having each member of the team hold on to a jump rope (which all need to be the same size). When the team reached their first dome cone of choice (red team will go to red dome cones, etc.), they read the task on the card jumping, performed that task, wrote down the task on the tally sheet and took the card back to their base. Once back to their base, they continued to the next dome. After the teams had collected all their task cards, they figured out what sport is represented by the vocabulary words on the other side of the task card (example bump, spike, dig, etc. for volleyball), and recorded their answers on the tally sheet. If a task was missing, the team had to figure out which one was missing, find the dome they missed, and perform the task as a group before they can recorded.

the most important thing:

This is a good lead up to lessons using stations, reciprocal, inclusion, or other teaching styles that may use task sheets.

Instead of using sports vocabulary, use body parts, bones, muscles, or other classroom subject material.

3 comentarios en “PHISICAL EDUCATION – Mystery Puzzle Race

  • el 21 mayo, 2018 a las 9:18 am

    I think that this type of activities are good to work in group toguether to do fitness and that all participate.

  • el 21 mayo, 2018 a las 9:42 am

    Students work and learn together while they play .They develop and understand the meaning of team and how they have to play in this case.

  • el 21 mayo, 2018 a las 9:44 am

    Very nice ativity to teach the students team work and to keep them fit.


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