Arriving to Aalborg

We arrived to Aalborg last Friday Night. A long way from Tenerife but done with great interest and curiosity.  We were very tired but very happy to start our work in Aalborg. We come to learn how they teach here in Denmark. We also come to get good contacts to work with our Danish friends for a long time in the near future. We are always thinking about getting to do Erasmus with our students (what we call our future KA2).

Our first contact with Jakob, the director of the Tofthøjskolen school and with Mette Bonde, science teacher of the school, along with several students of the Tofthøjskolen school will be this afternoon at 4 o’clock. They will show us the historic center of the city of Aalborg. We will start from the Cathedral of San Budolfi. (


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