First day in Engelska Skolan

Learning and playing

Looking for a quiz!

Good afternoon from Upplands Väsby!

We were very excited about visiting the school. Certainly, Jose and me had a great welcome by Mr  Rob Chlebek, maths and science teacher who showed us the facilities of the school. We also had  the great chance on interacting with a group of Slovenian students and teachers.

Our first jobshadowing was a «Tip promenade», and you may wonder what it is? Well, it is like a tour for searching information, in this case, looking for quizzes. So we just went to the forest close to the school and the participants; teachers and students were expected to search for the quizzes hidden on nature, some of them were stuck on stones or logs so as soon as we found one we had to answer a multiple choice question related to Sweden history or culture. It was really interesting and we all had fun!


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