Fourth day in Engelska stolen

Good afternoon!

Today I had a great day jobshadowing! We went to the sewing workshop and I was fascinated since in Sweden it is considered as part of the curriculum and every child is expected to cope with it. In fact, not only do the children learn  to design but they also receive a knowledge for their future domestic life.

Sewing workshop

First of all, the classroom was really equipped with sewing material from wools and clothing to all types of needles.

Sewing Room
Sewing a pillow

To tell you the truth, I was very pleased with the teacher and the students who were between 10 and 11 years old. Certainly, I had the chance to interact with some students that explained me what they were doing as they were working with different projects and the teacher let me use the sewing machine for a while. Some of the kids were working on the sewing machine, which is considered the most important tool the kids need to use in this workshop.

These are today products although some of them weren’t finished yet. Once and again, I noticed the important tradition they keep; wool, clothing and designing is a feature which makes them unique! Children are taught to use needles and wools in their daily routine, at the same time, it highly fosters their imagination and creativity.

kiss emoticon
A dolphin
A Bracelet

Apart from this jobshadowing we also attended two more science grades. Students worked with robotics. In the first jobshadowing they played with the Minecraft game, which consists of building and coping with spaces such as houses or even their classroom. As far as I know, it fosters their visual and spacial intelligence.

In the second jobshadowing kids were creating a video; the performances I could observe were quite creative, even some of them dealt with lego by working out the main idea of the story and adding more legos to it until getting to the end of the story. Students explained me how it works and they told me last year they participated on a Lego competition in Stockholm and they are trying again this year. I hope they succeed since they are working hard on it.

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