Sixth day at Lake School, Oxford.

Greetings from Oxford!

Today we started the second week in the creative teaching course with new contents to improve our methodologies and techniques in an English speaking classroom. First, we spend the morning talking about some ways to encourage the use of English through «weekend warmers» activities, using an updated colloquial English, such as colloquial charades and common expressions. We also had a chat about blended learning after the break, where we had the opportunity some interesting digital tools useful to teach in English a wide range of different contents, through songs, images, news, postcards, texts and so on.

With some free time after the classes, we had some time to visit the Ashmolean Museum, or at least some of their halls. The museum hosts a huge historical collection that shows pieces from ancient Egipt, Greece, Mesopotamia, China, English medieval age and other periods from all around the world. The amount of antiquities preserved there is extraordinary huge, from some of the most important archaeological sites in the Earth, and several days are needed to really appreciate all the collection… fortunately, in the UK a lot of Musseums are free, so the Ashmolean, a must see place in the heart of Oxford.

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