Eighth and ninth days at Lake school, Oxford, UK.

Grettings from Oxford!

Days are passing by very quickly, and this experience in Oxford is getting close to its end. These days we have been learning some important personal language and methodological skills.

On Wednesday we spend the day developing personal language skills, such as connected speech and the use of «intrusion» in our daily language (for example, pronouncing «over the ears» as «years», an so on). We also practiced with rhyming expressions, prepositional phrases or advanced vocabulary. Later on, we took some ideas about how to use films as a creative resource, where to find some interesting and trustworthy source of videos and graphic resources in English.

Next day, the topic of the lesson was about different ways to work with written texts, with games like «guess the person» terminology reviews, guessing the meaning of the word… we also check some useful websites and sources with related content for our classes. After the break, we had an overview about how the  British education system works, and at last, we had also a workshop about learning difficulties, and how to manage them in a English speaking classroom.

With the conclusion approaching, we rushed to visit some more corners of Oxford, which have really a lot!. First we went to the Natural History Museum, were you can appreciate a vast variety of fossils (from dinosaurs to mammoths, to modern-day animals skeletons), meteorites, minerals, and earth’s rocks. Just nex to it you can enter to Pitts-Rivers collection,  a extremely huge compendium of Antrophologic items from all around the earth: Totems, dresses, weapons, idols, decorations, toys… the collection shows thousands of antiquities from all cultures and ages, regarding their use.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next blog!

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