Canary Islands Operational Program FEDER 2014-2020

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Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional
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The Canary Islands will get a total of 997.7 million euros from the European Regional Fund (FEDER) to carry out all the actions contemplated in the Operational Program FEDER Canary Islands 2014-2020 (PO FEDER) extended until 2023. To the European investment contributed by the ERDF, we must add the one corresponding to the Autonomous Community and the General State Administration itself, which will equal the total financial amount of 1,173.7 million euros.

These funds will be destined, mainly, to the execution of investments that improve and increase the competitiveness of the production system of the Canary Islands’ economy through the promotion of factors such as innovation, the information society and the internationalization of the economy; to improve the quality of life of the Canary Islands population, with special emphasis on the process of social cohesion through the creation of employment, the improvement of educational levels and the reduction of the poverty rate and to reduce and mitigate the extra costs derived from the condition of the outermost region (RUP). In addition, actions aimed at optimizing the supply of basic natural resources will be addressed, in a framework of environmental sustainability with policies aimed at combating climate change, both from the point of view of adaptation and mitigation, as well as the prevention of natural disasters.

The activities subject to European co-financing in the field of the Canary Islands Health Service are published In compliance with the instructions of the General Directorate of Community Funds of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, as well as with the UAFSE of the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, which were agreed upon in the framework of the meetings of the GERIP (Spanish Group of Information and Advertising Managers).

Advertising campaign


In compliance with the obligation to publicise theuse of European funds, during the 2017 financial year, a publicity campaign was contracted to disseminate the activities co-financed by the ERDF under the 2014-2020 Operational Programme. This campaign explained to which activities the ERDF funds were allocated, under the objectives in force throughout the Operational Programme.

Notwithstanding the above, each procurement file for the purchase of equipment, works, etc. complies with its own advertising conditions.

Main areas

The actions co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the Canary Islands ERDF Operational Program 2014-2020, are classified in several main areas. The following affect the Canary Islands Health Service:


- Priority axis 1 -

Actions needed to strengthen response capacities to the crisis caused by COVID-19.


- Priority axis 2 -

Promote digital public services, digital literacy, e-learning, e-inclusion and e-health. The assigned aid amounts to 67.4 million euros. This endowment will allow to improve the access to the Internet and its use, converging with the EU-28 average and complying with the European and Spanish Digital Agenda.

- Patient Data Management System.


- Priority axis 9 -

Investment in social and health infrastructure that contributes to national, regional and local development and reduces health inequalities and transition from institutional services to local services. Provided with a community allocation of 80.4 million euros for investments in social and health infrastructures.

- Infrastructures.

- Sanitary Equipment.


- Priority axis 15 -

Financing of operating aids and expenses linked to public service obligations and contracts in the Outermost Regions With a budget allocation of 484.1 million euros to compensate for the extra costs associated with the condition of the Canary Islands as an outermost region

- Cost overruns by health services.

- Displacement of SCS patients.

- Non-sanitary transportation services for patient displacements (buses).

- Sanitary air transport service - helicopters.

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