Reading Club 2021-2022 Fourth Session

Dear Clubbers, we would like to invite you to our fourth session which will take place on Thursday 21st of April. There’s war in Europe and thousands of people are fleeing their homes after the attacks. We would therefore like to turn to the power of poetry for inspiration. We will read and create poems about war and refugees.

We will be meeting in classroom 12 at 8 pm.

You can download the poems or watch the recited version on Youtube: 

«Good Bones» by Maggie Smith 

 «They Took your Home from You, Now They Call You Refugee» by Nikita Gill

«Refugees» by Brian Bilston


Poems by Rupi Kaur



Did you miss our session on gender? Have a look at our presentation here.

Reading Club 2021 -2022 Third Session

Dear Clubbers, we would like to invite you to our third session which will take place on Monday 21st of March. The topic for this session will be gender equality and gender identity.  Kate Chopin, an American writer from the 19th century, left us a fascinating story called «The Story of an Hour,» which focuses on women’s search for selfhood, self-discovery and identity.  We will also discuss Ivan Coyote’s stories, which make us reflect on the everyday struggles of non-binary people. 

If you would like to join us, please fill in the form below:

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We’ll be meeting in the school’s assembly room (Salón de actos) at 20:00. You can download the stories below. We hope you like them!

«The Story of an Hour,» Kate Chopin.

«No Bikini,» Ivan Coyote.

«A Dark Blue Bike,» Ivan Coyote.


Black History Month session

Last week we had the second session of our Reading Club. We took the opportunity to talk about the causes and consequences of racism in the United States. We also had a look at the different achievements and backlashes throughout its history. We discussed Danielle Evan’s story with a focus on the main character, Claire, whose behaviour and accountability (or lack of it) created a huge conflict. The story shows how small transgressions become unintended acts of damage and defiance and grow out of proportion due to social-media-fueled controversies. We finished the session talking about «Redlining», a discriminatory practice in the United States and Canada by which  neighbourhoods  with a majority of Black residents are marked as risky investment options.  As a result, these redlined areas become underdeveloped while their residents become poorer.

Did you miss this session?  No problem, you can still catch up by having a look at our presentation. Click here

Welcome back!

Hello to all the bookworms,

Welcome back to our Reading Club. We hope you’ll read along with us and share your thoughts.

Days are getting shorter and finally we can feel La Laguna’s cool autumn breeze. This fresh wind has brought us a few beautiful poems on the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” to use Keat’s words. To read the poems, please click on the picture. 

We choose Emily Brontë’s poem as our today’s favorite:

Fall, Leaves, Fall

Emily Brontë

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.

Please click on the above picture to enjoy Brontë’s written words with the voice of Ghizela Rowe