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Sonia Delaunay Activity

The Ukrainian artist Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) was a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde. Together with her husband, the painter Robert Delaunay, she undertook an artistic adventure based on contrasts of colour and the dissolving of form through light that led towards abstraction. Her work in modern design included the concepts of geometric abstraction, the of furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, and clothing.

Students from DECCA Course at EOI Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, after being working in an English class based on her work and being inspired by her art and costumes, learners created an activity where they combined a written text (a mini-story) with a creative coat as Delaunay’s design.

Teacher training course at EOI Telde

At the beginning of this academic year 2017-2018, most teachers at our language school (EOI Telde) showed interest in incorporating art in their lessons in order to boost their students’ communicative competence in a foreign language and awaken their critical thinking through art. Therefore, they will attend a 10-hour course held in our school led by the DECCA project coordinator in Telde and a French teacher.

It is going to be a great opportunity for us to put into practice some of the activities in the DECCA Resource Book as well as create new activities following the DECCA spirit.

Sustainability of DECCA Project in our schools

The two Spanish partners (EOI Las Palmas de GC and EOI Telde) are devoted to teaching foreign languages to adults.

We have included courses for specific purposes based on art aimed at primary and secondary education teachers as part of the courses available in our schools.

Our DECCA courses have been running in our schools since 2016. DECCA is not only developing lingusitic competence among our students but also inviting learners to know our cultural heritage through our local museums and artists.

2018: European Year of Cultural Heritage

Looking forward to 2018 to join the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. We intend to be involved in this fantastic initiative, being DECCA a project that brings communities together through art and language learning regardless students’ cultural background.

Through Decca project we also raise awareness about Europe’s rich cultural heritage and the importance of respecting and protecting it. We make our students love and understand art with activities that focus on language learning, art and creativity from the point of view of three different European countries.

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