Secondary Education

Education for young teens and youths at IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo.Compulsory Secondary Education (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria – ESO) begins at the age of 12 and lasts for four years. It is divided into two cycles, the first for students from age 12 to 14 and the second for students from 14 to 16. At the end of compulsory education (usually at age 16) pupils can go on to bachelor studies or medium level vocational training.


Bachillerato (Bachelor’s degree): This certificate is required to gain university or higher level vocational training entrance. Some of the courses studied are taken by all students, such as Spanish, a foreign language, Spanish history and physical education. However, students can choose to specialise in one of three different branches: natural and health sciences, sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities. At the end of their studies they receive the Bachillerato Certificate if they have succeeded in all subjects.