My Erasmus traineeship experience in María Suárez Fiol Primary school in Telde

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¿En qué tareas participa un estudiante Erasmus+ en prácticas en un centro educativo? ¿Cómo es el mes a mes de prácticas en un centro escolar? ¿Qué impacto tiene su presencia en el centro y en su propia persona? ¿Y qué diferencias hay entre el país de origen y el de acogida?  Rebeka Jerman, estudiante de la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad de Liubliana (Eslovenia) que ha realizado su periodo de prácticas en el CEIP María Suárez Fiol, en Telde (Gran Canaria), nos cuenta su experiencia.

My Erasmus traineeship experience in María Suárez Fiol Primary school in Telde

I came to Las Palmas on October 9 th of 2015 and started my traineeship as English assistant at María Suárez Fiol Primary school on October 13 th of 2015.

In my first week at school I was observing school system and routines, process of classes and represented my country and its characteristic to students. I was pleasantly surprised by very warm school climate and extremely friendly relations between teachers. Head of studies Mrs. María del Carmen Sánchez López, Mr. Francisco Álvarez Santana and all teachers welcomed me very warmly.

During October and November (beside ordinary class program) we prepared theater play »King’s new clothes« and in English classes we King's_New_clothescompared tradition of celebrating Halloween in Canary Islands, Slovenia and England.

In December we were practicing songs with choreographies for Christmas celebration. I really enjoyed preparing choreographies with 3 and 4. level. With 1 level we made Christmas cards and all the month was in celebration spirit. In art classes in December (with 3. and 4. level) we were learning how to draw using proportions and we also get to know some characteristic of Van Gogh’s painting. Final students works were Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Other art classes were connected with Christmas topic.

From January, I will always remember celebration of »Peace day«. I was very pleased with final performance (»Doves of peace«, poster and performing song »Love in any language«). I was so proud of all my students and all their works.

February was a month of Carnival. I was surprised how important it is in Canarian Islands. Like we did for Halloween and Christmas, also for this occasion ,we compared traditions between Gran Canary and Slovenia. I was also happy to be part of the school excursion to Osorio and project »Life«. In art class we learned more about expressing and drawing with differents types of lines. Final works were »Masks« (1., 2. 3. 4. level). With 5. and 6. level we started with »Perspective drawing«, »Art interpretation« and in final – with»Impressionist painting«.

In March we continued with »Perspective drawing« and »Impressionist painting« in 5 and 6 level. Students works were getting better because, students became more independent in their own artistic investigation and expression. I was also part of school camp to Osorio. Beside games we did some beautiful art works by printing with natural materials (3., 4 level). For kindergarten I prepared funny game»Looking for a treasure« and with 1, 2, 3, 4 level we we did Easter cards for their families. With 6 level we connected English and art and made POP ART comic about Adele’s song »Hello«. Students have shown their imagination and the results were interesting.Van_Goh

In April I was very proud that we had our first art exhibition »Magic forest«, »Under the sea« and »Abstract buterrflies« with 3., and 4. level and later »Impressionism« with 5. and 6. level. After theoretical explanation and practice, students were expressing and making more quality works. It was interesting to observe how different they are in their drawing and painting styles. I really liked diversity of the final works, so I decided that is time for first exhibition.

In my opinion is excellent that Maria Suarez Fiol school cooperates in different projects and stimulates children’s awareness of ecology, healthy habits and global problems. I learned a lot from teachers in Maria Suarez Fiol and also improved my personal teaching skills. I really like cross-curricular connections between school subjects in school (especially in art project that they are leading and I was able to be part of).

I led art classes, assisted in English and music classes, physical education and helped in different school subjects and projects (theatre, school celebrations and performances, school camp Osorio, project »Life«,project »Semana de la salud«…) in all levels (from kindergarden to 6. level). Personally, one of the most interesting challenges was Music CLIL (CLIL or Content and Language Integrated Learning is a educational paradigm which refers to teaching subjects such as science, history and geography to students through a foreign language). I was confronted with challenging of translating part of the classes from Spanish to English and gain more specific knowledge about music language (and how to transmit it to students of all levels). In English classes I gained a lot of patience and learnt new teaching methods.

Motivating and encouraging students to express themselves in English was sometimes challenging, but my pleasure was even bigger when students who found english hard, learned and were later able to express themselves properly. Maria Suarez Fiol is very organized and active school. With English and music teachers in our coordination hours we coordinated, planned all classes and activities and of course, discussed and evaluated students results in the end.CEIP_Maria

Because I am an art teacher my favourite hours were art classes. I really enjoyed when students understood my explanation of art theory and they showed enthusiasm and good final works. Am very proud of their improvement and that we were able to prepare some school exhibitions.

In general I really like openness and hospitality of Canarian people. Students are very warm and also school colleagues are always prepare to help you. I learned a lot from Mrs. Mari Carmen and all other teachers about school rules, routines, process, methods and different learning styles. I also improved my skills of coordinating and leading class (how to motivate students and explain in the way that every student will understand you). I cooperated in a lot of school projects and in school team. I grew as a teacher and enriched my theoretical and practical base from my studying years and that was my main aim when I applied for my traineeship.

Living and working abroad is changing me as a person. I am grateful that I was able to be part of this school year in Maria Suarez Fiol and for all sunny (and also hard) moments in class. I will definitely remember María Suárez Fiol Primary school, all teachers that are working hard to motivate each one of the students and extremely warm school clime.

According to my experiences Gran Canaria is a place of great people, amazing nature and interesting traditions. I will return home with new knowledge and beautiful rich memories.

Rebeka Jerman


Rebeka ha hecho una recopilación de todos los trabajos realizados en el centro en este documentos llamado activities in M.S.Fiol.