Content and Language Integrated Learning (Secondary)

Content and Language Integrated Learning (Secondary)

Who is the course suitable for?
Non-native secondary school teachers who teach their curriculum subject(s) in English.
Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B1 in the Common European Framework.

In learning about the theoretical and practical aspects of CLIL and by sharing teaching knowledge and expertise, participants will have a wider understanding of teaching subjects through English along with a number of practical ideas to use as a confident and knowledgeable CLIL teacher.

Description of training content
This course offers 20 hours per week of teaching methodology (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:30) in a maximum group size of 12.

Week 1

Monday: Introductions and establishing course priorities

Tuesday: What is CLIL?

Wednesday: What does an ESL lesson consist of and how can I integrate it into my lesson?

Thursday: Teaching and recycling vocabulary

Friday: Websites that will save your life (and make you laugh)


Monday: Learner styles

Tuesday: CLIL: How can we bridge the gap between theory and practice?

Wednesday: Activating Schemata: What makes a successful speaking activity?

Thursday: Identifying language in texts and modifying them for class use

Friday: WEBQUEST Shared findings

Week 2

Monday: Grammar 1: Evaluating presentation techniques.

Tuesday: Q & A session with a CLIL student

Wednesday: Pronunciation and drilling made easy ICQ / CCQ

Thursday: Classroom management issues in the CLIL classroom

Friday: Support strategies for teachers and students


Monday: Materials development and lesson planning

Tuesday: Lessons and feedback

Wednesday: Lessons and feedback

Thursday: Lessons and feedback

Friday: Mentoring and peer feedback. Sharing of resources