Teacher Training 2018: Active Methodology

Teacher Training 2018: Active Methodology

Who is the course suitable for?
Non-native secondary and adult teachers engaged in planning and/or delivering ELT programmes
Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B2 in the Common European Framework

Description of training content
This course offers 20 hours per week of teaching methodology (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:30) in a maximum group size of 12.

Week 1

Monday: Introductions and establishing course priorities, observation and reflection diary

Tuesday: Teaching and learning: An overview of teaching practices and beliefs. Project work: A rationale

Wednesday: Speaking 1: What constitutes a goodspeaking class?

Thursday: Vocabulary 1: Presentation of vocabulary / what¿s in a word?

Friday: Teaching resources: what constitutes a good resource?


Monday: Teaching and learning: Learner styles.

Tuesday: Pronunciation 1: ELF or RP? Establishing learner needs. Pronunciation 2: Using the phonemic chart and practical ideas for integration.

Wednesday: Speaking 2: Practical ideas and analysis.

Thursday: Vocabulary 2: Practical ideas and recycling.

Friday: CALL: Ideas for using the internet, evaluating websites/great sites. Mid session evaluation

Week 2

Monday: Grammar 1: Evaluating presentation techniques.

Tuesday: Listening 1: Techniques and tasks.

Wednesday: Classroom Management 1: Effective classroom management

Thursday: Reading: Reading strategies and potential problems. Writing: Teaching structures.

Friday: Mentoring and reflection: Receiving and giving effective feedback from students and colleagues.


Monday: Grammar 2: Techniques and tasks in practice

Tuesday: Teaching unplugged: Dogme in EFL.

Wednesday: Classroom Management 2: Physical space / typical classroom problems

Thursday: Reading and Writing: Authentic materials for learning.

Friday: Closing session: Observation and reflection diaries. Sharing resources, evaluation, reflection and feedback.