Nuestro Proyecto Europeo. KA101

Our project «LEARNING IN THE WORLD: FROM THE CLASSROOM TOWARDS EUROPE» aims to make our school begin to change its methodology from those of the industrial revolution to those who create new entrepreneurial citizens capable of solving the challenges of the 21st century. We have marked English as a challenge, as a vehicle capable of taking us to live in a community to grow in values of freedom of choice, equality of opportunity and brotherhood among peoples, that is, to grow in Europe.
The IES El Galeón is a public secondary education center located in the Villa de Adeje, a tourist town located in the south of the island of Tenerife. Cultural diversity and the great variety of nationalities are our characteristic and enriching element. The average number of students receiving training is our center ranges from 850 to 900, from 47 different nationalities, from Europe, America, Africa and Asia. We are an educational center whose MISSION is to offer a quality education to our students with the intention of getting them to become citizens freer and able to develop in life through a decent work. The objectives of our center to achieve our mission are:
1. Reduce the dropout rate.
2. Increase academic performance
3. Improve coexistence
4. Promote the use of information and communication technologies.
5. Encourage multilingualism.
6. Increase attention to diversity.
7. Improve the services we offer
8. Cooperate with public and private administrations in our environment.
Our center has chosen to achieve its mission through new technologies (ICT), new cooperative educational methodologies and through bilingualism. For this, we have a bilingual course for each of the educational levels present in the center. Our VISION is to become a completely bilingual innovative center.
The project «LEARNING IN THE WORLD: FROM THE CLASS TO EUROPE» is part of our journey towards excellence. In the project we propose that the training of our teachers is the primary tool capable of promoting change within the classroom. The courses structured in new technologies, methodologies of teaching, leadership and knowledge of the young coupled with the learning by observation in centers of international prestige will be the columns that allow us to motivate all our teaching faculty and later to all our students.
Our commitment is and will be Europe, first learning from her and then contributing our experience to others.