First day at Tofthøjskolen, Storvorde.

Early morning we started our visit at this school. The headmaster was waiting for us at the entranace. The first thing we did was to attend to the morning assembly. We were introduced to the students and the teachers who were there and then The Headmaster told the children we were two teachers from the Canary Islands, situated near Africa. Then they sang a song about  spring. They were told  to rehearse  for singing it every day.

After that, we went to the libary where a teacher told us about its normal functioning and its services. Every child has a barcode assigned to borrow the books. They choose the books the teacher wants them to read most of the times according to the topics selected, others they can choose them freely. This system is created to teach them how to be autonomous when they borrow books.

At 10 we went to Aalborghus Gymnasium, a high school in the city of Aalborg to see its facilities ( music classrooms, the recording studio,  the assembly hall, the chemistry laboratory, the canteen and the sports área) and we attended to a Spanish and a biochemistry lesson. We had lunch there, they invited us to it, and we left at 1 o’clock to go back to Tofthøjskolen where we had another meeting about how they deal with students with special needs. To the meeting assisted the head-teachers of the different departments ( maths, language, technology . . .).




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    Amazing, It seems you spent a really interesting and productive day


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