Second day in Engelska skolan

Good afternoon!

Our second jobshadowing of today took place in the 2nd grade classroom with Mrs. Hilde Haaland who is the teacher and mentor of this group. As it was a Swedish class the students were expected to do a writing on the description of an animal, the fox.

Students were working with i-pads to do this task. In fact, they were quite good at it since Mrs Haaland is very keen on ICTs and they use it as a daily tool. As it was a writing skill, first of all, students were provided with a mind map worksheet that they had to fill information about the animal, the fox, in Swedish, räven, a new word that I’ve learnt today…Once this information was collected, they were writing this description on the i-pad and finally, students sent an e-mail to their teacher and if they wanted they could also send it to their mum and dad.

Taking into account students were 9 years old, their work was brilliant and they were so happy to meet us in their classroom!

I would like to add some extra aspects that attracted my attention. One of them was their speed at coping with the task. Then, some checklists they had stuck on their table in order to sort out their daily writings. Not only does this checklist provide student’s punctuation and spelling but also does it foster the kids to be more autonomous.

I really liked and enjoyed this jobshadowing with Mrs Haaland since I found her a very experienced and talented teacher.

Afterwards, we came back from lunch and Mrs Haaland read out the final part of a book titled Gummi-Tarzanwhich is a bullying story an old book written some decades ago. Although it was a good way to deal with the topic which is very common in the present day. Certainly, students were very motivated listening to the teacher who performed a lively dialogue between the characters of the narrative.

In one of the breaks, we went for a ten minutes walk with Mr. Ron Chlebek. It was a really good way to forget responsibilities for a while, especially being surrounded by nature!

And now, getting ready to visit Stockholm! 

To be continued…..

Describing a fox
Swedish subject
A hedgehog description
How to draw a cute fox
Bullying story
How to be a good friend
ten minutes break

Enjoying nature

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