Fourth day Science

Hello everyone!

Another day in Engelska skolan. Today we attended different classes: sewing, that was really good, then we went to see how the Slovenian kids were making movies using iMovie and still in the morning we went to a science class of third grade (programming skills) which was really interesting and profitable.

Today, unfortunately at this time of the day, there were some problems with internet connection and the teacher came up with three different tasks for the kids. All of them really funny and also stimulating:

In the first one, the kids had to work with iPads to a well-known game called Minecraft that many people consider a source of skills for children like creativity, collaboration, self-direction, problem-solving, iteration and tenacity.

The second activity was a robot called ”Bee bot” which is a good tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem-solving.

The third one was also related to iPads, is an app called Fix the factory, a puzzle game where the students have to command a robot in order to put back in place dislocated batteries to proceed to the next level. The game challenge your logic thinking, your spatial intelligence and your robots commanding skills.

Sonia and I enjoy a lot today and we realized how fun and successful can be those science lessons as we could see the results of this method attending the fifth grade early in the afternoon.





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