Last day in Engelska skolan

Good evening everyone!

Today has been our last day at the school. We did three jobshadowings which were quite interesting! The first one was with Mr Rob the science teacher who was working with his project on robotics and we had the chance to play a video about our high school in Tenerife which the children enjoyed a lot.

The second jobshadowing was with the Spanish teacher, José. I really enjoyed this one since we had the chance to interact with the kids. Actually, we talked about the different accents and dialects between both countries, Sweden and Spain and the children asked many questions about the topic and some of them told us that in the Northern area of Sweden there also dialects that they can’t understand. Then, the teacher carried on with the contents on Spanish by reviewing regular and irregular verbs among others.

The third jobshadowing was with Mrs. Katrin a Finnish teacher on social science and in charge of the library. Students were 15 years old and they were working on democracy and the near European elections. Actually, I noticed they had a wide knowledge on politics and they discussed about the topic by answering to some questions the teacher had given them beforehand. It was my first class with the Finnish students and I really enjoyed the jobshadowing.

Social science

As we have mentioned previously, there was an exchange with Slovenian students so today there was like a festival after school and we were invited to attend. Families brought delicious cranberry cakes, breads and drinks. Then, Swedish students projected a video for the Slovenian kids and we said goodbye to our Swedish and Finnish colleagues.

From my opinion, this project has been a good experience every teacher should have. Not only did I learn new techniques but I also enriched myself with a different culture. After some days of reflection, I noticed that what is relevant for any profession is vocation, no matter our age or nationality but the secret is being happy and trying to encourage kids in a positive way fostering values for traditions and respect for a long life learning.

See you soon!

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