Seventh day at Lake School, Oxford, UK.

Grettings from Oxford!

Today we spent the day exclusively improving and updating our speaking pronunciation skills, as a way to keep our speech linked with the true English phonetics. We also learnt some games and techniques to work with our students English pronunciation, using drawing and mimic games, karaoke, rhythmic sentences and other tools useful for both improving their pronunciation and interest to make the effort to speak proper English language.

Once we had our lunch break, we were invited to another tour made by Rob, the Lake Academy official guide. This time we had the opportunity to visit the New College of Oxford. Despite its name, it is the oldest college of Oxford, built in the 1379 by William of Wykeham, bishop of Winchester, and it stills host hundreds of students each year. It has several rooms for the students, their teachers, one huge dining hall, and a medieval cloister where we  could find a classical theatre group playing one act of Homer’s Iliad.  We can appreciate also the last remains of the medieval ancient wall that once surrounded the city, which was preserved thanks to the promise that Wykeham gave to the city council of retaining them, to the present day.

See you in the next blog!

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