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Inicio / III - ESO / Geografía e Historia / El espacio humanizado (2º ESO) / Collaborative Learning Project Geography & History
Web Collaborative Learning Project Geography & History  

This new revised webpage tries to make each activity clear in one poster. The project started in 1983. It was funded and supported by the Inner London Education Authority, and was part of the teacher action research that led to the Oracy Project and the Language in the Curriculum Project. Both LINC and the Oracy projects were closed down for political reasons in 1993. Collaborative Learning survived because it is a teacher owned network. Everyone is welcome to join, and we are pleased to now have colleagues joining us worldwide. Activities to promote talk take time to make, but by sharing them, we hope to inspire others to work in similar ways. Now that talk is once again beginning to be recognised as a priority and recent research is even more supportive of its vital part to play in learning, we are slowly expanding our network and increasing the number of activities on line. We have a mountain of activities in paper form developed in the 80s an 90s. We are revising these to meet new curriculum needs and making them available. We wanted to provide interesting and creative ways for children to learn in classes, where many different languages were spoken, and where children were learning English while learning. Our aim is to provide examples of group talk activities that will benefit all children, while at the same time provide scaffolding for learning English. Collaborative activities are vital for children learning English, but at the same time other learners benefit in many ways.

Etapa/Cursos: 1º ESO, 2º ESO, 3º ESO, 4º ESO
Otros contenidos: Lenguas Extranjeras
Autor: Stuart Scott
Licencia de uso: Otras licencias


Etiquetado cómo: Actividades, geografía, historia, Speaking