Actividad TED-Ed sobre el SI

Actividad TED-Ed sobre el S.I.


Pasos para crear la actividad anterior:

  • Darnos de alta como profesores ‘teachers’ en TED Ed
  • Create ‘A lesson’/ Crear un lección
  • Elegir un vídeo de youtube o de TED a editar
  • Añadir preguntas abiertas, comentarios y preguntas de opción múltiple.





More study sets with Quizlet

Here we have, in no particular order, some more study set.

I  want to thank Mr. Jonathan Hackett for allowing me sharing the quizlets he has developed or help us developing in the class.

As always, pls tell me if any mistake.


Cheat article collocations


Golden meaning

Lexical  descriptions

Next one is embedded:

Idiomatic phrases


keyword transformation

Working up with new tools

Last two month I’ve been in Torquay, U.K., not only learning English Language and culture but also new tools for teaching.
One of them is Quizlet

Quizlet allows not only the creation of colaborative sets but also sharing them.

You can share these resources to be completed individually and also to be performed live in it means create teams that will compete to complete a task.

Here you have some examples of my own, pls feel free to comment if any mistakes/doubts.

Addendum : I really appreciate the corrections done for Mr. Jonathan Hackett, our teacher.

Vocabulary Test I

Expressions (Thanks to Marisol and Dani)

Some collocations I 

Formal vs Informal phrases

Next one is embedded.

Down, on the right corner, you can select the way the game is played:

I hope all this work will worth the effort and be useful.